Entire city of Darwin has lost its electricity

THE entire city of Darwin is without power this morning.

The NT capital was cast  into darkness about 1.20 this morning.

As the city awoke, officials deliberated on how best to handle the daylight situation, eventually deciding to close all schools, The Northern Territory News reported.

NT Deputy Chief Minister Dave Tollner urged people to "remain calm" but said only public servants working in essential services would need to turn up for work.

Everyone else could stay home, he told ABC radio.

"People need to stay calm .... and be careful on the roads as traffic lights are down across the city," Mr Tollner said.

The cause of the outage was a circuit breaker at the Hudson Creek substation tripping at 1.19am, which forced the protection system at the Channel Island power station to turn on.

The restoration of power to the city of 120,000 people was scheduled to take place gradually, to ensure the safety of the power network.