Nickelby the Magician. Photo: contributed.
Nickelby the Magician. Photo: contributed.

Entertainer embarks on the ultimate magic carpet ride

MAGICIAN Nick Britt will perform at this year's Noosa Australia Day Festival, and then he is off on a journey like no other.

Along with other talented performers, Britt, aka Nickelby the Magician, will entertain the large crowd at the Australia Day event presented by Tewantin Noosa Lions Club.

But be warned, Nickelby's performance is not for the faint-hearted.

"I'll be sawing someone in half," he said.

"I sawed my sister in half once, now she is my half sister.

"I will also get someone out of the audience and they will get to fly."

Nickelby the Magician. Photo: contributed.
Nickelby the Magician. Photo: contributed.

Following the Australia Day event, Britt will pack his bags and a camera crew and head off on a five-week international adventure.

The magician's overseas jaunt is part of a proposed television series and will take in some of the most far-reaching countries on the planet.

The eye-opening trip will take the magician into Thailand, India, Tokyo, Taipei, Sweden, Paris, Greece and Africa.

"We'll be sleeping in an igloo in a very remote part of Sweden," he said.

"We'll be going to some really remote parts of Africa that have never even seen a magician before."

He had the idea after a conversation with his young children.

"They were completely oblivious about what people in other country's eat or how they live," Britt said.

"There is nothing on TV that opens their minds to different cultures and different living circumstances around the world."

As excited as he was, the adventure of a lifetime was leaving Britt a little apprehensive.

"I've got a pretty weak stomach, I'm concerned about getting sick in India," he said.

"I'm no good with curries, I'll probably just stick to the protein bars."

Come and see Nickelby The Magician perform before his big trip at The Noosa Australia Day Festival on Sunday January 26.

The festival is presented by the Tewantin Noosa Lions Club and held at Lions Park on Gympie Tce, Noosaville from 10am to 4pm.

The Rotary Big Breakfast will be overseen by world famous celebrity chef Peter Kuruvita and is available from 7am to 10am.

Performers on the day include The Famos, Andrea Kirwin, The Lyrical, Daryl Murphy Band, Nickelby and headline act Taylor Moss.