Egypt's interim president following Peter Greste case

THE plight of Australian journalist Peter Greste, who is in a Cairo jail facing terrorism-related charges, is under close watch from Egypt's interim president Adly Mansour.

Mr Mansour told Greste's Brisbane-based parents Loris and Juris, in a letter in response to one they sent him, that he would "spare no effort to work towards the speedy resolution of the case".

But it must be "in a fashion consistent with the law and that guarantees the resumption of the family in the near future", he said.

"As a father I'd love to convey my understanding of the prevailing emotions of distress and anguish amongst both Peter and the whole family," he wrote in a letter read to media in Brisbane on Tuesday.

Greste is sharing a cell with two Al-Jazeera English colleagues in a maximum security prison.

The three men, who are allowed out for just one hour a day each to exercise except on Fridays, are accused of airing false news and backing the banned Muslim Brotherhood organisation.

Greste and his colleagues say they were merely reporting a story.

The trial will resume on March 24.

Brother Andrew Greste, who returned to Australia overnight Monday after spending time in Egypt to support his brother, told media in Brisbane that the human spirit was remarkable at adapting to all sorts of adversity.

He said his brother believed the international media attention was important in protecting him physically while in jail.