LITTER COSTLY: Cr Joe Jurisevic at another illegal dump some years back.
LITTER COSTLY: Cr Joe Jurisevic at another illegal dump some years back. John McCutcheon/N24740b

Dumping on bush comes at a cost to locals

NOOSA'S battle on illegal dumping is a war of attrition with more than 450 reports of people trashing public spaces including bushland.

And according to Noosa Council's waste co-ordinator Ian Florence there were 84 reports of illegal dumping in the last quarter.

"Illegal dumping complaints are frequent and ongoing,” Mr Florence said.

One of the most recent took place just more than a week ago with a stack of building materials off-loaded unlawfully beside a roadside verge off Cooroy Noosa Rd not far from the bottom entrance to Gyndier Dr at Tewantin.

Mr Florence said the council investigated all reports of illegal dumping and he appealed to anyone with information regarding the Gyndier Dr trashing or for any other location, to contact council on 5329 6500.

"In the first instance, we seek to find the person responsible and may issue a fine and direct them to clean it up,” he said.

"This may mean a short delay before the material is removed.

"If the culprit can't be identified, council will clean it up. Unfortunately this means the ratepayer foots the bill.”

Irresponsible dumpers face fines from around $250 up to $114,000 for hazardous materials, depending on the volume and type of waste dumped.

The mess was left the week before the Noosa Hill Climb, which uses Gyndier Dr.

Peter Gardiner