The jealous drunk attacked the woman repeatedly.
The jealous drunk attacked the woman repeatedly. Pexels

Drunken sailor's violence after housework complaints

DOMESTIC arguments about housework are common, but Zalan Istvan Zador's violent drunken reactions were not.

That is what a judge told the 48-year-old former Whitsunday Coast man on Thursday.

Zador came from a seafaring family who once travelled the world.

Brisbane District Court heard one of Zador's relatives would try jumping overboard and as a boy, Zador had to rescue her.

The court heard this trauma, and childhood exposure to hard-drinking adults, were possible factors in Zador's later problems.

But Zador was sentenced for multiple attacks on a woman, and had a "history of similar offending,” Judge Michael Burnett said.

Prosecutors said Zador choked his partner in 2016 and punched her repeatedly after she found him drunk at home and complained he wasn't doing housework.

Another violent incident erupted after Zador accused the woman of infidelity.

Prosecutors said the woman would have suffered permanent double vision if not for medical intervention after one assault.

Judge Burnett said Zador would "go out one day and look for another partner”, and that person would need protection.

The only solution, Judge Burnett said, was for Zador to never drink again.

Zador spent 481 days in pre-sentence custody.

His defence counsel said Zador, previously an engineering student, had been an exemplary prisoner.

He had also been seeing a counsellor, the court heard.

Judge Burnett said Zador had twice before booked himself into booze rehab centres.

"Plainly it is a demon for you, because you failed on both occasions.”

But the court heard Zador was remorseful.

"Despite your age, you are a worthy candidate for rehabilitation,” Judge Burnett said.

"The sooner you get on with that, the better everyone will be.”

The judge said domestic violence had occurred "since Adam was a boy - but the community's attitude has changed and hardened.”

Zador received four years and six months jail.

As a result of about 16 months already served, the sentence was suspended immediately.

Zador also got three years probation and must report to Maroochydore.

The judge ordered Zador to attend a group for alcoholics.

"You cannot drink alcohol. It's as simple as that,” Judge Burnett added. -NewsRegional

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