CRASH: A young barman   crashed his car into this Cooloola Cove home.
CRASH: A young barman crashed his car into this Cooloola Cove home. Contributed

Drunk barman's out-of-mind experience

A TEENAGE bartender faced courtroom consequences yesterday for a late-night rampage that damaged a house, his car and himself.

Dylan Henry Dawe, 19, of Cooloola Cove, pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of liquor on August 2.

The offence occurred during a three-hour blank spot in which he drove from Rainbow Beach to Cooloola Cove, was reported hooning around the area, crashed into a house and was almost run over as he slept on a busy roadway.

That was the story told to a Gympie court yesterday.

The court heard Dawe had driven to Rainbow Beach at 8.30pm and turned for home at 2am.

Police were notified of hooning and later received a report that a car had collided with a house in Nautilus Dr, near the Cooloola Cove Woolworths, causing considerable damage to a corner of the house.

He also damaged his bumper, headlights, front guards and bonnet, police told the court in uncontested submissions to the court.

Dawe then left the scene on foot and lay down on the eastern lane of Bayside Rd.

A driver travelling west saw him and and parked on the eastbound side to prevent anyone else running him over.

Although no breath or blood test certificate was available, Dawe's admissions to ambulance personnel and the observations of his friends that he had consumed a large quantity of spirits supported the prosecution.

Dawe told police he had "no recollection" of events from 12.15am to 3.30am.

"Fortunately another driver blocked the road and prevented him from getting run over."

Dawe's legal representative told the court Dawe agreed he fitted the old advertising campaign description "bloody idiot".

Dawe suffered recurring depression and anxiety and was upset.

"He attempted to soothe himself with alcohol, which made it worse.

"He admits his behaviour was self-destructive."

Magistrate Ross Woodford fined Dawe $1000 and disqualified him from driving for 12 months.