A different sort of jackpot was found behind a Toowoomba pokie machine. (File)
A different sort of jackpot was found behind a Toowoomba pokie machine. (File) Contributed

Drug jackpot found behind pokie machine

STASHING drugs behind a pokie machine was a bad gamble for Matthew James Cooper.

Smashing a Western Downs police car window was another arguably poor decision by the 35-year-old.

On Monday, a court heard Cooper was in a car pulled over at a random breath test at Miles and he was found with oxycodone tablets and about 13.6g of ice.

He soon after took exception to the mode of transport offered him, kicking out a police car window.

Justice David North said the reason Cooper gave for smashing the window was that he was hot.

Later, on bail in February 2017, Cooper and others attracted police attention at Toowoomba's Stock Exchange Hotel.

The court heard Cooper hid a clipseal bag behind a gambling machine.

It contained methylene​dioxy​amphetamine or MDA tablets, worth about $1500-$2500 on the street.

Cooper was also found with $10,190 cash, the court heard.

He claimed the cash came from sources including a car sale, but cops analysing his bank account found his explanations unbelievable.

In a later incident, Cooper was charged after police found cocaine, testosterone, 68 rounds of ammunition, and a .22 calibre pistol in a hotel room.

Cooper pleaded guilty at Brisbane Supreme Court to drug possession, wilful damage and weapon charges.

His defence counsel said ice addiction was among the reasons for Cooper's troubles.

But the court heard Cooper had shown insight into his addiction, was sick of jail, and wanted to make something of his life.

Cooper spent two stints in custody adding up to nearly a year declared as time served for the offending.

Justice North said he was "cautious” about Cooper's rehab prospects.

But he added: "You might be relatively drug-free for the first time in a number of years.”

The court heard Cooper planned on moving to Townsville, where he had supportive connections and a potential work offer.

"It will be a hard road for you,” the judge said.

Cooper was jailed for three years but due to time already served, was given immediate parole release. -NewsRegional