Drug addict caught with six guns and a silencer

A JUSTICE has told an Ipswich drug addict that his array of offences - mostly drugs and weapons - was "almost spectacular" but not in a good way.

David Boddice, who jailed Daniel John Edwards for three years, said the offences were made more serious because the man continued offending while he was on parole and again when he was released on bail over a 16-month period in 2012 and 2013.

He said the 26-year-old had shown complete disregard for the laws and the courts, rejecting every opportunity given to change his behaviour.

Edwards, 26, was caught with six guns and a silencer in his car, had $15,000 worth of cash and was supplying small amounts of methylamphetamines.

Edwards had instructions for producing dangerous drugs, had a knife in a public place as well as property and driving offences.

The offences, 35 in total, occurred in the Ipswich and Woodridge areas.

Justice Boddice said the offending was against a background of strong drug addiction following a relationship breakdown which led to losing contact with his child.

He said the weapon possession was "disturbing".

Edwards will be released on parole immediately because he has already spent 496 days in custody.