Police issued a speeding ticket for 140kmh.
Police issued a speeding ticket for 140kmh. Kevin Farmer

Driver nabbed at 140kmh on a back road

A DRIVER who decided to take a short cut from Allora to Tregony faced more than he was expecting when police clocked him at 140kmh at 11am today.

Senior Constable Matt Shield, of Allora police, said he was patrolling through Goomburra today when he clocked the speed of a Pittsworth man in his 20s.

"He was bypassing the Eight Mile and was booked between the highway at Allora and the Goomburra Hall," Sen. Const. Shield said.

"The driver has received a $562 fine and lost six points. He would have lost his licence instantly if he was driving at one more kilometre an hour.

"Police are out on the highways and most Sundays I drive up to the national park at Goomburra and back to Allora as part of a patrol."

On Saturday, Allora police issued four drivers with fines for speeding on the New England Highway between Spring Creek and the Eight Mile, the highest of the four was driving at 115kmh.