Christopher Tailby was told in the Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Thursday that he is running out of chances.
Christopher Tailby was told in the Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Thursday that he is running out of chances.

Dramatic scenes at Coast train station as man flees police

A drug user has been told by a magistrate he’s running out of chances after he ditched his bag onto a train station roof and is believed to have swallowed some drugs before police caught up to him.

Christoper Renton Tailby, 45, fled from police and threw his bags over the fence and on the roof when he spotted them watching him at the railway station.

Police prosecutor Lee Allan told Maroochydore Magistrates Court officers were at the Petrie station on July 18 when they noticed Tailby.

“They observed a male on platform one near the lift who appeared to be under the influence of liquor or drugs,” he said.

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“Police then observed the male who after seeing police suddenly exit the station and start heading towards the carpark.”

The court heard police caught up to Tailby and shouted at him to stop.

“Police immediately realised the male not to have any bags with him, which police had observed the male person had in his possession before departing the station, Mr Allan said.

They searched Tailby.

“Police further observed the defendant playing around with his groin area, which police thought he was trying to conceal something,” Mr Allan said.

“The defendant stated to police he had his money down there in a cloth bag.”

When police asked him where it came from, he said he had been given COVID-19 money.

The court heard Tailby became more erratic and agitated when police asked him if he had any drug items on him.

“Police believed the defendant had swallowed some form of drug or drugs,” Mr Allan said.

The court heard Tailby admitted to police he had smoked marijuana and taken some methamphetamine earlier that day.

Mr Allan told the court police found Tailby’s bags over a fence where he had thrown them.

In the bags they located a syringe and a set of scales.

“The defendant stated he used the scales so he doesn’t get ripped off when he buys drugs,” Mr Allan said.

The court heard police asked Tailby where the third bag was that police saw him leaving the station with.

“The defendant stated he did not have a third bag,” Mr Allan said.

After reviewing CCTV footage, it showed Tailby threw his third bag onto the roof of the station.

Police climbed onto the roof to retrieve the bag and found empty clipseal bags and straws.

“When questioned by police, he stated he was scared and threw the bag before decamping from the station,” Mr Allan said.

Tailby pleaded guilty in Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Friday to obstructing police and failure to take reasonable care with a syringe.

The court heard Tailby had a 10-page criminal history.

His lawyer Matt Cooper told the court Tailby had just landed a job as a maintenance manager.

“He’s attempting to move forward, get away from his old habits,” he said.

Magistrate Stephen Courtney said Tailby needed an extra incentive to keep away from drugs and drug paraphernalia.

“You’ve got a terrible criminal history,” he said.

“Whoever’s taking you on to give you work must be a very decent person so don’t let them down.

“And don’t let yourself down.”

Mr Courtney sentenced Tailby to one month jail, wholly suspended for six months.

Tailby was also fined $200.

Convictions were recorded.

Tailby thanked him for understanding that he was trying to turn his life around.

“You really are running out of chances,” Mr Courtney said.