SOUL SEARCHING: The old Katie Rose Cottage site in Doonan.
SOUL SEARCHING: The old Katie Rose Cottage site in Doonan. Amber Macpherson

Doonan Katie Rose Cottage spirits 'cleansed'

THE new owner of the Doonan Katie Rose Cottage says he is happy for families with a connection to the property to arrange a visit - as long as they don't mind the souls of their loved ones being "cleansed” first.

Vince and his wife bought the old hospice site last week, and Vince said he was eager to have the place "spiritually cleansed” because of the long surrounding history of bad publicity.

"There was bad politics and bad advertising on the place from what happened,” Vince said.

"I wanted others to know that there was going to be a good energy here, because it's all been bad publicity.”

Vince organised to have spiritualists visit the property on Sunday to cleanse the energy of the property, a process which Vince said is similar to "washing up the dishes”.

"If there's any spirits here, good or bad, they just need to be cleansed,” Vince said.

"(The spirits) are still going to exist, you're just cleaning them.”

Vince said since buying the property, a number of people have visited the site unannounced.

He said he is happy to let families visit the property in the near future, as long as they ring and organise it first.

"I don't mind people coming here if their family members have passed, because there's good memories here and there's still a good feel here,” he said.

"It's a big property, so they can go and sit in the middle of the property if they want to and that doesn't bother me.”

Families with a connection to old hospice can phone Vince on 0458 163 774.