BUSHFIRE: Drying land means more fuel for bushfires.
BUSHFIRE: Drying land means more fuel for bushfires. Mike Knott BUN021015FIRE8

Don't let the rain fool you - bushfires remain risk for all

DESPITE wet weather in some areas of Queensland earlier this year, the Rural Fire Service is urging locals to remember they're not out of the woods.

With a "reasonable" bush fire season upon us, RFS Acting Chief Superintendent James Haig said even the areas that had seen recent downpours were drying out.

"We've been particularly busy with fires in the north coast area over the past few weeks which is from Caloundra up past Bundaberg and inland around Kingaroy," he said.

"That's a good indication that conditions are drying out and bushfire season is well and truly upon us."

As we move towards summer and conditions continue to warm up, Acting Chief Supt Haig said people needed to remain vigilant.

"We've had a successful hazard mitigation period, like planned burns and fire line upgrades, but that doesn't mean all the risk is gone - it just reduces it in some key areas," he said.

"People need to really watch their local conditions and forecasts and be aware we are now in bushfire season and places are drying out."

He said preparation was key.

"Clean out your gutters to minimise the risk of an ember attack and also reduce the risk of gutter blockage during storms," he said.

"And remember that yes, if there is a bushfire, we have a great system with volunteers and officers, but we can't have a truck at every door so the more people can prepare for bushfires, the less consequence we hope it will have."

If you do feel threatened by a bushfire, phone 000.