Don’t get in the driver’s seat of a deadly ride

WE'RE all in the driver's seat when it comes to road safety, but I've come to realise we all need to make sure we're not behind the wheel of a car that's a crash waiting to happen.

This Queensland Road Safety Week, we've been reminded of the outcomes of driving over the speed limit, distracted, drunk, tired or without a seatbelt. But what I'd forgotten is that our own vehicles can also be dangerous if they're not properly maintained.

I recently discovered I'd been driving around on tyres with only a limited amount of tread. It was a realisation that maybe my 'new' car wasn't so new anymore, and that it could be a risk to me, and other drivers, if the worst happened.

I went to RACQ's Motoring Advice team for some guidance, and learnt that just looking at your tyres wasn't enough to determine whether they were in good condition. You need to feel for and find the indicator bars built into them - and if one or two of these are exposed, just like me, you're due for a new set. They must have tread at least 1.5 millimetres deep across the whole width of the tyre, except at the indicator bars.

Taking a moment to check over your ride could save a whole lot of inconvenience, or better yet, your life.