Murder-accused murderer Lindy Yvonne Williams, and the late George Gerbic.
Murder-accused murderer Lindy Yvonne Williams, and the late George Gerbic.

'Dismembered' with a power saw

WE DON'T know where he was killed, or how.

But we know George Gerbic was decapitated, his torso dumped beside a road - and a prosecutor says Lindy Yvonne Williams was involved in that violent death.

Ms Williams, 60, has pleaded not guilty to murder but guilty to interfering with the Tanawha man's corpse.

Her partner Mr Gerbic, 66, suffered "an ignominious end that he did not deserve" prosecutor Todd Fuller said on Tuesday.

"His head was cut off... a power saw used to cut through his spine, just above his shoulders. His hands were cut off just above his wrists."

The torso was found near Gympie in September 2013.

And Mr Fuller said for months before the "dismembered" man's remains were identified, Ms Williams contrived more than lies.

"It goes much deeper than that," he told Brisbane Supreme Court.

"This woman for 10 months was manipulating, calculating and engaged in a whole episode - with family, with friends, with acquaintances, all to carry out the subterfuge."

Mr Fuller said the woman told Mr Gerbic's relatives "she and George were going to live a life together."

And Mr Fuller said when police visited her in July 2014, Ms Williams lied some more.

"George is away," was what she told police, Mr Fuller said.

Ms Williams did admit to dumping the torso.

But Mr Fuller described many of Ms Williams's claims as "gratuitous".

Among these, that Mr Gerbic was bisexual.

It was Ms Williams's goal, he said, to portray herself as the victim of a violent, unfaithful man.

Last week, jurors heard Ms Williams claim Mr Gerbic attacked her, but slipped in her blood then hit his head on a granite kitchen top.

Ms Williams claimed she left home after the argument and on returning a few days later, found the torso in an ensuite.

Defence counsel Simon Lewis is expected to address jurors on Wednesday.

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