DISGRACEFUL: Nurses, midwives threatened


NURSES, midwives and other health staff have been threatened in vile personal attacks in the state's north, Health Minister Steven Miles said.

Speaking from Mackay this morning, Mr Miles said he had heard first-hand accounts from local health workers about threats made by members of the public when they were out in the community.

"They have been vilified," he said.

"They have been treated abhorrently.

"I want to call on every Queenslander - if you see someone out and about in a Queensland Health uniform, they're our heroes.

"They are people who go to work every day to take care of us, so thank them, don't yell at them. I think that's incredibly important.

"We're going to need every single one of our health staff to not just be well and to be at work. We need them to feel supported.

"We've all got a role to play to make them feel supported."


The shocking revelations come just days after a whistleblower from a NSW hospital claimed nurses and cleaners there were being abused and spat on.

"Nurses are being spat on and copping abuse if they're seen anywhere in their scrubs," the informant told The Northern Star.

"The common statement is, 'you're spreading the disease.'

"It's the epitome of ignorance.

"Most staff don't work in the COVID-19 clinics.

"They are very careful to prevent the spread of disease.

"Nurses and cleaners should be revered for what they're doing."

Originally published as DISGRACEFUL: Nurses, midwives threatened