ONGOING BATTLE: Wayne Sorensen wants to shame able-bodied people who park in disabled spots.
ONGOING BATTLE: Wayne Sorensen wants to shame able-bodied people who park in disabled spots. Vicki Wood

Disabled man's quest to name and shame dodgy parkers

WAYNE Sorensen and his fellow drivers with disabilities have had enough of able-bodied drivers parking in disabled parking bays.

Now they are taking action. The Australian Disability Parking Wall of Shame is a place where offenders can be outed. It has more than 2000 members nationwide.

Group founder Samantha Connor said the group was only one of many started by angry individuals and families inconvenienced every day by thoughtless drivers.

"There are a lot of barriers to independence and inclusion for disabled drivers," Ms Connor said.

"Many people genuinely don't think about the impact on people with disability, who are often mothers working or shopping with their children, grandparents attending medical appointments or social outings, fathers being with other dads or going to work. It might be two minutes of thoughtlessness for one able-bodied person, but it is a whole day of hurt for someone else."

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One of the most contentious subjects is around "invisible disability''. Many group members are abused by people who do not look for their permit and assume that because they are young, they do not have a disability.

"It is common for people to judge individuals by their age or the make of their car, when in fact disability crosses both of those boundaries,'' Ms Connor said.

"We have members with cancer, emphysema, multiple sclerosis and other 'invisible' disabilities. It is impossible to measure fitness by a brief glance.''

Mr Sorensen , who has had a hip replacement, said he regularly sees politicians, doctors and even policemen using the disabled parks at Morayfield Shopping Centre.

"It is plain ignorance and really a complete lack of respect for the people who genuinely need these parks, simply so they can save some time themselves," he said.

"It is an ongoing battle. That is why there is a need to photograph their vehicles and remind people how hard it is to get in and out of a car when you have a disability."

The group wants more accessible parking bays and stiffer fines.

It can be found by searching Australian Disability Parking Wall of Shame.