TRAGIC LOSS: Suspected Warwick meningococcal victim Jazmyn Carter.
TRAGIC LOSS: Suspected Warwick meningococcal victim Jazmyn Carter.

Teen's death confirmed as meningococcal

PATHOLOGY results have confirmed the death of the Warwick teenager Jazmyn Carter was caused by meningococcal.

It is believed the young woman, who graduated from Warwick State High School last year, was taken to hospital after falling ill last weekend.

The teenager was being treated for her symptoms at Warwick Hospital and died on Monday morning.

Director of the Darling Downs Public Health Unit Dr Penny Hutchinson reassured local residents the disease was difficult to contract unless there had been close and prolonged contact with a case.

"It often requires both close contact and prolonged contact with someone who may have the bacteria in their throat," she said.

"Early diagnosis and treatment generally results in recovery.

"However, sometimes this disease can be so rapid that even despite the best and most intensive treatments, people can die or have complications from it."

Queensland Health Minister Lawrence Springborg said an inquiry would tell the full story.

"The extent of the investigation will establish if everything was done," Mr Springborg said.

"We will be reviewing the local hospital's conduct as part of a thorough review," Mr Springborg said.

"We want to find out what treatment she (Jazmyn) received and if everything that could possibly be done was done.

"It's a terrible tragedy and as a parent it is pretty unfathomable; we want to find out the circumstances behind it."

Mr Springborg said Warwick residents should not panic about the infection spreading.

"All I can say is to take notice of health officials and any instructions they give out," he said.

"Meningococcal is ever-present but fortunately quite rare.

"If people follow any directions from health officials, they will be fine."

All who had been in close contact with the recent case have been followed up with the appropriate treatment.

About meningococcal

 Meningococcal disease is a severe but uncommon infection that occurs when meningococcal bacteria invade the body from the throat or nose. At any given time, meningococcal bacteria are carried harmlessly at the back of the throat or in the nose in about 10% of the community.