Noosa needs us Victorians and Kiwis back up there spending.
Noosa needs us Victorians and Kiwis back up there spending.

DEAR PREMIER: Let us cashed up Vics/Kiwis back in

DEAR Premier: My wife and I are among a group of more than 20 friends and acquaintances from Victoria and New Zealand, who make “annual pilgrimages” to your state’s Sunshine Coast, with departure dates, staggered from dates in June up to and including September and stays lasting anything from two to eight weeks.

During our stays, it is not exaggerating to say that collectively, our relatively small group spends tens of thousands of dollars in the Sunshine Coast economy, renting apartments and caravan parks, eating in cafes and restaurants, buying in supermarkets and bottle shops, clothing and gift stores, sightseeing … the list is endless.

However it seems that this year you no longer want our tourist dollars, because of what I can only describe as your bloody mindedness, you still refuse to open the Queensland borders “until at least 1st September or even longer” because of advice from your State Health director.

For a state that prided itself on being “beautiful one day and perfect the next” and which is arguably more dependent on the tourism than any of the other states, this is the epitome of short sightedness and dare I suggest ... the height of stupidity … particularly heightened by the fact that you are ignoring the advice of many experts including those at a federal level, who soundly state that there is no real reasoning to keep the borders closed.

However Premier, the “good news” for my friends and I is that south of your border, the state of New South Wales is very much open for business, with any number of wonderful tourist resorts more than willing and ready to welcome us and accept our tourist dollars which would normally be spent in your state, not only for this year, but once having a taste, who knows for year to come?

Having said that, my friends and I cannot but help feeling sorry and remorseful for the businesses and livelihoods in Queensland which you seem so hellbent in destroying.

Assuming, as I fully expect that even if you happen to read my letter it falls on deaf ears, my friends and I will send you post cards from Byron Bay.

Peter Hartnell

Balwyn, Victoria