Daylight saving issue lights back up for Greens

DAYLIGHT saving for Queensland back on the cards after the Greens announced a policy to introduce a two-year trial followed by a referendum.

Queensland Greens spokesman Charles Worringham announced the policy yesterday, saying there were at least three benefits for having daylight saving in Queensland.

He also said it had now been more than 20 years since Queensland last trialled daylight saving.

"Economic ties between the states are such that it is really a major inconvenience and inefficiency for businesses to have to deal with this time change unnecessarily," Mr Worringham said.

He also said it would give children more daylight hours to be able to play outside after school.

Mr Worringham said it could potentially save power.

"In recent years the peak demand for electricity has shifted from the mid afternoon to early evening hours. With daylight saving there is a potential for solar generation to be contributing to the grid at a time of peak demand."

He said a referendum would really determine the potential benefits for the state.

Both Labor and LNP have said this election they would not support daylight saving.

Would you vote for the Greens to get daylight saving?

This poll ended on 31 January 2015.

Current Results

You bet. Queensland needs to join the rest of Australia


No way, everyone should just get up earlier


No. I don't like the Greens


Yes. They are the best party for the environment


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