Sam Frost talks to Davey Lloyd in a scene from The Bachelorette.
Sam Frost talks to Davey Lloyd in a scene from The Bachelorette. Channel 10

Davey leaves The Bachelorette after grilling from Sam

LARRIKIN Davey Lloyd left The Bachelorette in a cloud of mystery tonight.

The Sydney chippie's exit happened off-camera after a candid conversation with Sam Frost, who again expressed her doubts about him.

"I wonder if the sensitive side to your personality is just an act," Frost said.

"My first gut instinct towards you is you're a lady's man. I'm like 'OK is the wool getting pulled over my eyes?'

"I've dated people like you before and I know how it ends, and it ends the same every single time.

"I've been fooled so many times before; I cannot let it happen to me anymore."

Sam Frost in a scene from the TV series The Bachelorette. Supplied by Channel 10.
Sam Frost pictured during tonight's cocktail party.

Lloyd, 25, couldn't muster up much of a response beyond reassuring Frost he was on the show "for all the right reasons".

"I was too nervous to speak," Lloyd said.

Frost skipped the usual rose ceremony to farewell Lloyd in private, leaving host Osher Gunsberg to inform the remaining five bachelors of the sudden departures.

Tonight's episode didn't even feature an exit interview with Lloyd, which is the norm for the other bachelors leaving the show.

"I'm proud of where I got. She's an awesome girl and I respect every decision she's made," he said over an email Q&A.

"She was worried that I was too much like guys who she had dated and it didn't work with them. I wish she saw the gentleman side (of me)."

Lloyd tips construction manager Sasha Mielczarek as the bloke who will win Frost's heart.

"He's an all-round bloke who ticks all of the boxes," he said.

Preview footage at the end of tonight's episode hinted at another single date for Meilczarek next week.