AMAZING dashcam footage has captured the moment a simple parking manoeuvre took a frightening turn for a Warwick learner driver on Sunday.

The near-miss happened just after midday when the car jumped a curb and down an embankment of the Aldi carpark on Fitzroy St, coming to a stop metres from traffic.

The footage was captured on the dashcam of driving instructor and Warwick road safety advocate Andrew Gale, who said a simple driving error was more  than likely to blame for the incident.

"I was just heading out of the library carpark heading home when I saw this happen," he said.

"The people in the car appeared unhurt but the driver was clearly a bit shocked and embarrassed.

"This is quite a common thing to happen with learners, one I'm really aware of."

Mr Gale said he taught people to avoid using the accelerator in car parks.

"The accelerator pedal is not required to make a car go," he said.

"Just make it go faster.

"Car parks are low speed and a car will go up to 10km/hr idling which is more than quick enough in a car parking situation. in my experience a car will not jump a curb, as in this situation unless the foot is pushing on the accelerator.

"To prevent this, keep the right foot on the brake at all times in a carpark.

"Let it move slowly and slow down by pushing the brake in a bit.

"Lucky there wasn't anyone hurt when this happened."