Dam water releases start, another 56mm of rain on the way

IT WILL be a few days before much of Southeast Queensland, including Ipswich, will get the chance to dry out following a wet and soggy weekend.

Forecasters expect continued isolated showers across Ipswich, Lockyer, Scenic Rim and Somerset regions right through the week.

Up to 10mm is expected in Ipswich today, with the chance of a thunderstorm in the morning and afternoon.

Showers will likely persist until at least the weekend with falls of up to 56mm over five days.

There is a higher chance of thunderstorms in Gatton on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with isolated showers and up to 46mm of rainfall between today and the weekend.

In Boonah, up to 52mm is forecast between today and the weekend while the Bureau of Meteorology expects similar storm conditions as Gatton's.

Boonah received the most rain on the weekend, 21mm, while 11.4mm was recorded in Ipswich.

Falls were lighter in Gatton, with just 3.2mm over the two days.

Further north, 36mm fell over Somerset Dam in 24 hours on Saturday, with another 6mm to Sunday afternoon.

Downstream, 16mm was recorded over Wivenhoe Dam.

Wivenhoe Dam levels dropped 0.4 per cent in the seven days to Friday, reducing to 68.8 per cent capacity, while Somerset Dam was at 77.2 per cent capacity.

The weekend's falls topped Wivenhoe Dam up to 69.1 per cent and Somerset Dam while water release from Somerset kept levels steady.

Seqwater said low flow releases from Somerset Dam into Wivenhoe Dam were planned over a 72-hour period from Saturday morning.

The releases were not expected to cause the lake level in Wivenhoe Dam to increase by more than 0.5 metres in a 24-hour period.

Routine operational releases are common to balance the lake levels across Somerset and Wivenhoe dams.