FRAUD: A mum earned herself, but through dishonest means.
FRAUD: A mum earned herself, but through dishonest means.

Dalby dog seller ripped off $1400 from local victims

A MUM-of-three used a lure of man's best friend to earn herself $1400, before cutting off contact with her customers, and refusing to give them what they paid for.

Police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana shared with Dalby Magistrates Court two occasions in 2018 where Krystal Maree Longhurst dishonestly obtained money by offering to sell puppies to innocent customers across the southwest.

The court heard on June 24 2018, the first complainant posted on Gumtree wanting to buy a puppy.

The defendant responded with an alias, and said she had puppies available before sending photos of dogs to the complainant, and they agreed that she would buy one puppy.

On June 29, the complainant paid Longhurst $400, and quickly after, Longhurst ceased all contact with the complainant, and no puppy was given.

On July 7, the complainant reported the incident to police.

In an almost identical incident on June 26, 2018, a second complainant reached out to Longhurst who was still operating under an alias, and exchanged mobile numbers with her.

The defendant agreed to pay Longhurst $1000 for two dogs and shortly after the money was paid, Longhurst disappeared off the grid again.

Longhurst was interviewed by police on two separate occasions by police leading up to her date in court.

In an interview with police at Miles police station, she said she did have puppies, but did not give them to the complainants.

After the second incident, Longhurst was located by Roma CIB where she admitted again to taking the money and not giving the complainants dogs in return.

Duty lawyer Claire Graham said "considerable issues" between the defendant and her father were to blame for a dire financial position that led her to commit the crimes.

When she fell pregnant with a "high-risk pregnancy", she became "desperate" for money according to Ms Graham.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop told Longhurst her acts of deception were "despicable" before she laid down her sentence.

Longhurst pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud, dishonestly obtaining property from another.

She was convicted and not punished further, but was order to pay $400 compensation to the complainant in default of five days imprisonment, and $1000 to the second complainant in default of 10 days imprisonment.

No conviction was recorded.