Sad little boy sitting on the edge of his bed.
Sad little boy sitting on the edge of his bed.

Dad’s brutal assault on 11-year-old son

A GOLD Coast father who choked his 11-year-old son so hard during a "play fight" the boy's ear bled has walked from Southport court.

The auto-electrician left bruises on the boy's neck and only stopped squeezing his throat when the boy yelled to "get off him because he was hurting".

The court was told the incident was only discovered because teachers noticed bruising around the boy's neck and contacted the Department of Child Safety.

The 49-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty in the Southport Magistrates Court on Tuesday to assault occasioning bodily harm.

Magistrate Kerry Magee placed the man on a $1200 good behaviour bond for 18 months.

"I am satisfied it is so out of character for you that no supervision is required," she said.

"The incident has made you realise how play with your child can get out of hand when you are not in the right mental state."

Prosecutor Chris Freeman told the court the man was putting the boy to bed on April 28 when they were play wrestling and the man became angry.

"Using his right arm has wrapped around his neck and started to squeeze," he said.

The boy yelled to get off and the boy's mother came in.

"The victim child was red in the face and had a small amount of blood coming out his ear," Mr Freeman said.

Police were notified on May 19 and the boy interviewed on June 10.

There have been no other incidents with the boy.

The man, who represented himself in court, said he apologised to the boy the next day and suggest they no longer "play fight".

He said he was drinking and had not taken his medication for post-traumatic stress disorder for two days.

The court was told the man had recently lost his job and had started a business just as the coronavirus pandemic started.


Originally published as Dad's brutal assault on 11-year-old son