Nancy Mourik fishing on north Peregian Beach in 1977.
Nancy Mourik fishing on north Peregian Beach in 1977.

Dad 'robbed a bank', bought house in Noosa

THIS photograph shows my parents, Bill and Nancy, fishing on north Peregian Beach in 1977.

They retired to Noosaville in 1973 when dad was 53 years old and mum 49.

After selling a property on the outskirts of Melbourne they decided to retire to the Noosa area - their former holiday destination for many years.

They bought a house in George Street, Noosaville for $17,000 and were the youngest retirees in the area.

Dad used to tell the neighbours that he had robbed a bank. He thought this was hilarious until he was subjected to a full audit by the tax department.

My father spent time surf fishing along Peregian and Marcus Beaches, and on the Noosa River and out in the ocean in his small boat.

My mother volunteered at the op shop on the Esplanade at Noosaville. Eventually mum learnt to fish and they spent days on the beach either looking for bait or fishing.

Over the years all our family visited them whenever possible. I finally retired to Peregian Beach in 2001.

I still enjoy surf fishing on Peregian Beach and my brother and sister and their children are all keen fisher people.

The amazing thing about this photo for me is that this part of Peregian Beach still looks exactly the same today as it did more than 40 years ago.

Since that time the various local councils and State Government have not allowed development, at least along that expanse of beach from Peregian north to Sunshine Beach.

The frontal sand dunes are still there today and are still helping to protect the vegetation growing behind them and thus minimising erosion.

Both my parents loved the Noosa area and instilled a love for sustainable fishing in their offspring. Many memories have been made along this stretch of beach over the years.