POLICE SHOOTING: Father barred from contacting son, wife

THE father of a teenage boy involved in a police shooting in Springfield on Wednesday is barred from contacting his son or his wife.

The 43-year-old man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, broke into tears as he faced court for allegedly assaulting the teen before the shooting but quickly agreed to an Ipswich magistrate's bail terms.

"Yes your honour. As long as my boy is alive and breathing that's all that matters to me," he said.

The relieved Springfield dad was granted bail on three counts of assault causing bodily harm at Springfield on February 14.

Officers attended the family's house following reports of a domestic violence incident involving the man and his son.

The responding officers shot the boy in the torso after he allegedly approached them with a knife.

Sitting in Ipswich Magistrates Court on Friday, the father occasionally gave a brief smile to a family friend sitting in the public gallery.

Prosecutor Jo Colston said police opposed bail, citing his criminal record and traffic history among the reasons.

It was an open court but Sergeant Colston did not disclose the details in the written police objection.

Defence lawyer Zara Rudan said her client was a British-born truck driver who could live with his father at North Maclean if granted bail.

She said her client suffered significant health issues following a car crash including memory loss, depression and bipolar.

As magistrate Virginia Sturgess silently read the police document, the anxious accused man, through the glass wall of the dock divide, asked : "Are you talking? Excuse me".

Ms Sturgess told him to be quiet as she was reading.

She said there was nothing in the document that meant he was required to 'show cause'.

During a lunch break, police checked whether the proposed address for bail release was suitable.

Once police advised there were no issues, Ms Sturgess granted bail.

She ordered the accused man have no contact with his son or wife and he cannot return to the address where the shooting took place.

The boy, who remains in hospital, is expected to make a full recovery.

The case was adjourned to March 9.