The trap Queensland Police are warning locals about.Source:Supplied
The trap Queensland Police are warning locals about.Source:Supplied

Cruel trap set in spot popular with children

QUEENSLAND Police are the hunt for a person who placed an illegal trap on a popular walking track - which injured a dog so badly it needed veterinary treatment.

The trap was set on a well-known walking track just off Greendale Way, which is located in Carindale, a suburb of Brisbane.

The grassy area is also a popular spot for kids to play at.

In a statement, QPS called for public assistance to locate the person in an attempt to find out if there are any other threats in the area.

A local resident discovered the trap when he was walking his neighbour's dog, a cavalier King Charles spaniel named Louis, and the animal's leg became trapped.

The dog received bruising and soft tissue damage to its paw which required veterinary treatment.

Acting Senior Sergeant Brendan Jorgensen warned locals to be aware there might be more traps in the area and urged them to particularly watch children when they play.

"These traps can cause serious injury and would require immediate medical attention," he said.

"Traps are extremely dangerous and can cause serious injury to animals.

"Members of the public who are caught setting mantraps can be liable to prosecution as it is a criminal offence under the Queensland Criminal Code and liable to be sentenced to three years in prison."