BAD FORM: These fish frames were found dumped on the beach at Shoal Point.
BAD FORM: These fish frames were found dumped on the beach at Shoal Point. contributed

‘Crocodile bait’ found at Shoal Point beach

ABOUT 30 fish frames, including some undersize species, were found dumped on Shoal Point beach.

Mackay Recreational Fishing Alliance president Lance Murray said whoever dumped the frames was putting people's safety at risk.

"There's lots of people in the water around there and these frames are perfect crocodile bait," he said.

"It's totally irresponsible, it defies logic."

Mr Murray said whoever had dumped the fish had also kept undersize fish, which was illegal and could warrant large fines.

The frames were found by a resident, who did not wish to be named, on Monday night.

Mr Murray said species such as barramundi, cod and coral trout had been amongst the frames, so it was likely they had been caught offshore.

Last month, geocaching enthusiast Leanne Leplastrier also found fish frames dumped in the region.

The Daily Mercury has reported a number of incidents of people leaving rotting fish skeletons close to the water.

Mr Murray said people had no consideration for others.

"In anybody's language they've had a good day's fishing and they've gone and ruined it," he said.

Mackay police were notified about the incident at Shoal Point.

Mackay Regional Council is in charge of issuing fines for people dumping fish frames.

The fine for illegal dumping of fish frames is $243 for an individual and $1219 for a corporation

Mr Murray said he did not think higher fines would deter people from dumping.