Landscaping rocks were stewn over a Blacks Beach driveway after a crash.
Landscaping rocks were stewn over a Blacks Beach driveway after a crash. Contributed

Crash much too close to home for Blacks Beach family

A DRIVER crashed into a front yard with such force it "catapulted" sizeable landscaping rocks onto a neighbour's roof, a Blacks Beach mum claims.

The woman, who lives in Mcalary Drive at Blacks Beach, said she'd been out of town, enjoying a relaxing holiday with her partner and two school-aged children. However, about 10.30pm on Saturday her neighbours contacted her with bad news.

They told her a driver had taken a corner on her street too quickly, mounting the kerb and slamming through her fence and retaining wall.

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, said her neighbour's rock landscaping wall was also destroyed in the often busy street.

"I'm really just speaking as a concerned resident. You know, there's lots of kids in this street and it's very lucky a child wasn't hit or a house damaged," she said.

"I'm kind of glad we weren't home at the time. I think I would have freaked out.

"My neighbours were asleep in bed and just heard a massive bang. The house (occupants) three doors up woke up because they had pieces of a rock land on their roof ...

"No other residents or anyone was injured thankfully, it's just the property damage," she added.

"If one of the rocks or something had gone through our bedroom window, or if it had been daytime and the kids were playing out front ..." she said.

Arriving home, the woman said, it was hard to miss the crumpled sedan sitting by the side of the road, after her thoughtful neighbours had it towed off her lawn.

She said council workers fixed broken pipework and other damage at the front of her house on Tuesday.

A 25-year-old Eimeo man has been charged with driving without due care, driving without a licence and while disqualified and failing to comply with requirements at the scene of a crash.


Readers were quick to respond to the Daily Mercury when we earlier asked the question "Is hooning a problem where you live?".

Some of your responses are listed below:

Paula Edwards: Malcomson Street is treated like a drag strip. Some go airborne at the top of the hill. And ones going downhill shake the houses. It's going to end in disaster when an idiot loses control, a car comes around a corner, an animal on the road or any other factors at night.


Steve Spencer: There are a couple maybe a few motor bike riders who use the Mackay-Bucasia Rd through Rural View as their own private race track. Particularly at night. You can hear them from as far away as Bunnings (I am presuming).


Rebekah Maree: Busuttin Dr, Eimeo!! We have had 2 crashes because of hoons/ drunk drivers so far this year, someone even hit by a car. And usual story - contacted the council to put in speed bumps as there's many kids on this corner everyone speeds around and they said no.


Karly Cole: I work at a servo. I see the d*******s drive off like idiots on a very dangerous intersection. Need them to lose their licence.


Megan Joan Jenkins: Yes, Moreton Dr, Rural View, it is mainly residents in the street though... With a new daycare opening up it is a bit concerning, I hope they put in speed bumps or something else to help with the idiots.


Peter Sturma: They need to shut down Paget twice a month and set up a controlled circuit on a Saturday night... 99% of businesses are closed at that time and would keep a lot of people happy. Except of course the usual whingers. Must be a rw vehicle with rego and insurance. Licensed drivers only. Barricades and an insurance waiver. All responsibility is back on the driver. Or simply reopen the old motordome.


Keelan O'Brien: Yeah it's very noisy and scary. I wish they would go have fun somwhere else so I can watch X Factor in peace! I hate hearing a beautifully tuned engine limiter bashing away in the distance. Makes me very cross. I'll make sure I stay on my phone as I'm driving but... that's way less dangerous than going fast for a couple of seconds.


Chris Robinson: Goldsmith St is terrible, particularly as it turns into Bridge Rd. It's only done in quiet times so an accident probably isn't likely, but the noise is there all the time.


Karina Horan: Yes! Definitely Malcomson St, Norris or Glenpark then along Beaconsfield Rds out to Mackay-Bucasia Rd then back to Malcolmson St. Sounds like motorbikes to me going around in a circuit!


Patrick O'Neill: Try the corner of Campwin Beach Rd and Sarina Beach Rd. Another place is on Grasstree Rd near Cabbage Tree Creek bridge.


Ken Powers: Just ban Commodore drivers, I was driving my full modified Gemini the other day and this young Commo driver wanted a street race. I was shocked that he even thought he had a chance against me.


Dee Dunworth: Yes I agree, Goldsmith St and around that area in the last few months seems to have attractive to these people. More needs to be done, having an unmarked flash for cash during the day is not the way to do it. They are usually out at night....


Bryson Bman Dantè Alvàró: Oh no! A car with an exhaust that sounds like it's doing 99999999kmh! How dare they! OMG did you just accelerate to the speed limit really quick? OMG OMG, these guys need to stop. OMG stop the speeding. wowowowowo 2 Fast 2 Furious these people are OMG.


Lee Macdonald: Drat I don't always try to hoon in my Datsun 180B but when I do I get at least 22 second quarter miles on e85 fuel.


Nerida Irwin: Motor bike 4am most week days, Farrellys Rd onto Broadsound Rd inbound, some mornings sounds if he had another gear and no lights at City Gates he'd be Qantas pilot. Maggiolo and industrial area Paget still at 9:30-10 onwards. Big truckie Farrellys Rd lights and highway southbound just loves the jake break "noise".


Dwayne Sehmish: Palmyra drag club are trying the best they can, with no help from the community. If all you negative people would support the club and let council and government agencies know you'll back grants to help give the young people somewhere to go and learn.


Lianne Gee: Pacific Dr, Blacks Beach. Between 5.15am-5.45am & late afternoon. It's only a matter of time before one of the many kids who play around there is hit. No police to be seen?


Melissa Ferrier: Maple Dve has long been the local drag strip, all it needs is a timing tower.


Jessica Kennedy: We have a reserve behind our house on McMahon St and new people moved in a few weeks back and have been using the reserve as a donut pad... People walk their dogs and kids back there...


Kerry Scott: Always down on Mulherin Dr at the harbour. So much rubber you could make a new set of tyres of what these tossers leave behind.


Jordon Zaphir: How come Tracy Grimshaw isn't aware of these terrorists yet? Bring them to justice!


Clifford McPhee: Well if Mackay had a track this would take the pressure off the streets. I don't mean drags - a nice short circuit.


Majella Sammut: Camilleri Rd, Northern Beaches late at night and early hours! Crazy!


Timothy Golder: But there's so much room to do it on public roads? There's no need to take it to a local track or anywhere that it can be controlled. Oh wait there is no local track.


Michael John Zammit: They're probably making up for lost time from being caught behind caravans doing 70 in a 100 zone yet these offenders don't get tickets... seems like double standards


Emily Lloyd-Jones: Avalon Dr is pretty bad too. Always people speeding all hours of the day.


Lonny Day: I don't see why first time offenders aren't made to take their car to a test and tune night at the local drag strip where they can do all the burnouts and speeding they like in a controlled environment. And they should also have to do 40 hours community service out there working for the drag club so they actually learn something.


Heath Fisher: Slade Point Rd is like a drag strip especially all the supercar wannabe idiots coming out of Keelys Rd.


Heather Dudley: Admiral Drive, Dolphin Heads has acquired hoons and a bikie that exceedes the speed limit by double at least.


Adrian Watson: Yes Canberra St, North Mackay is a drag strip here. What is the speed limit here? Drivers here don't know that.


Jamie Penningh: Harvey Road and Eaglemount Road are used constantly by hoons pretty much every night.


Shannon Holderness: Yep Eaglemount Road, waiting for someone to kill themselves - or someone else.


KayJohn James: Slade Esplanade Ocean Ave and Pacific Ave, Slade Point.


Michael Pinyon: Goldsmith Street is certainly a race track.


Regan Edwards: Whingers!


Anthony Waterson: Keeley's drag strips my fav.


Jodie M Weber: We don't have hoons out here but we do have very slow drivers doing 60 in a 100 km zone. That's frustrating.


Corrina Gill: I think we need to go for a drive and find these hoons.