COURT: Caught drink driving without actually driving

HE WENT to his car to get some cigarettes during a night out, but ended up getting charged with drink driving despite never actually moving his vehicle.

Adam Edward Milton put his car keys into the ignition during the quick pick-up stop, a mistake which has resulted in a loss of licence.

The 30-year-old pleaded guilty in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court on Wednesday to drink driving.

The court heard police officers saw Milton walking from a pub in Scarness to the car parked on Queens Rd on March 10 about 12.50am.

The officers pulled up behind him to conduct a breath test.

Milton blew an alcohol reading of .238, and officers noticed his keys in the ignition.

Defence lawyer Justin Geldard told the court Milton had planned to use a taxi service to get home that night, and had no intention of actually driving.

Upon hearing the submissions, Magistrate Stephen Guttridge also said it was "clear" Milton was going to call dial-a-driver.

However, having the keys in the ignition made it an offence.

Milton was fined $750, and disqualified from driving for six months.