Alistair Brightman

WE SAY: Plain callous to charge grieving families

THERE are times when we have to stop and remember - there's more to life than money.

Slugging a grieving family with a charge for staying beside a grave for too long is nothing short of callous.

We appreciate cemetery workers also have families waiting for them at home and people can't be expected to work for free.

But this is about a bigger issue. This is about where we want local government to spend our money.

According to the Local Government Act, the first point made in the charter is that local government should provide appropriate services for the community. The charter does not include spending a motza controlling public relations messages, launching events at table-clothed events or splashing the cash on consultants.

Yes, we need our council to promote our region and encourage a thriving economy.

But if it does this to the detriment of plain, decent treatment of residents, then we can only expect those elected by the people for the people will receive a rude awakening come election day.