Noosa Council has the state approval for its new town plan.
Noosa Council has the state approval for its new town plan.

Councillor raises a new Noosa Plan ’rethink’

ADOPTION of the new Noosa Plan is not a done deal yet with one newly elected councillor flagging she wants to at least revisit the short-stay accommodation control options.

Council environment and sustainable development director Kim Rawlings said during her third quarter department update the previous Noosa Council just before the last election received ministerial sign off of the new Noosa Plan.

Ms Rawlings said this came "with a number of conditions to be complied with before the new council considers that in the coming months".



Cr Amelia Lorentson said in Ms Rawling's report "there was an assumption that we're actually going to adopt and ensure that the conditions are met".

"When the new Noosa Plan is brought to council, isn't this an opportunity for council to rethink some of the more contentious part of the new planning and in particular oppositions relating to short-term rental accommodation," Cr Lorentson said.

"My understanding is that the State Government has actually rejected the draft new Noosa Plan in its current formulation.

"We have a choice to either adopt and meet those conditions, or B, rethink the whole new Noosa Plan. I just feel that the wording your report doesn't actually offer that choice," Cr Lorentson said.

Ms Rawlings said the minister had signed off on the new planning scheme with conditions and had "not rejected the Noosa Plan, actually approved the Noosa Plan".

Some of these required council to comply with the state planning policy and state mapping.

"Our intention is to bring forward the Noosa Plan with the conditions being met to the council for consideration," the director said.

The new-look Noosa Council is yet to adopt the new Noosa Plan.
The new-look Noosa Council is yet to adopt the new Noosa Plan.

"Of course the council can do whatever they like when that report comes to council."

Ms Rawlings said the council had the opportunity then to review it or change it.

Cr Karen Finzel sought clarification on whether meeting these conditions would involve any further community consultation or would this be handled inhouse by council.

Ms Rawlings said this was council work.

The Planning Minister approved the New Noosa Plan in February on the basis that council had met its requirements in accordance with the Planning Act 2016, and that council could proceed to adopt the scheme subject to conditions.

These included:

  1. Monitor the provisions relating to short term accommodation, tourism and housing supply over a two-year period and determine whether any changes are required after that time and provide a report to the Minister.
  2. Adding more guidance for the development of the Shire Business Centre within 12 months of adopting the scheme.
  3. Finalise Council's Coastal Hazards Adaptation Plan funded by the State Government and incorporate information into the scheme within 12 months of adopting the scheme.
  4. Make some minor changes to the Bushfire Hazard overlay map.
  5. Amend the Biodiversity, Waterways and Wetlands overlay to better align with state instruments.
  6. Amend the scheme's provisions for social and community housing to change council's proposal to require social and community housing and instead, make the provision of social and community housing discretionary.
  7. Change the koala mapping to reflect the State's koala mapping.