Noosa Mayor Tony Wellington
Noosa Mayor Tony Wellington

Councillor or mayor ... or both

IF A state government recommendation was implemented, an individual could stand simultaneously for mayor and councillor at the next council election.

The Belcarra Report proposal on local government reform would only apply to councils without divisions like Noosa, resulting in different systems for different local government areas - but has not yet been adopted.

Noosa mayor Tony Wellington said he welcomed a number of recommendations in the Belcarra Report has forwarded, but his personal view is this particular proposal wouldn't work.

"I believe it may lead to considerable confusion where voters are unsure how they should deal with the mayoral candidates when considering the councillor candidates,” Cr Wellington said.

"Should they assume that their mayoral preference will get the mayoral gig and thus not preference him or her on the candidate ballot paper?

"Or should they number their favourite mayoral candidate high on the ballot for councillors in case they don't achieve the mayoralty?”

Cr Wellington said theoretically large numbers of councillors could choose to run for mayor and councillor, adding further to the confusion for voters about who to preference on what ballot paper.

"Then there is the problem of how preferences are allocated. If an individual is successful as mayor, what then happens to their councillor votes in terms of preferences for councillors?” he said.

"If the successful mayor's councillor votes are disqualified, that would arguably unfairly skew the outcome of the whole councillor election.”