The Peregian Digital Hub tenants will receive council support to battle through tough times.
The Peregian Digital Hub tenants will receive council support to battle through tough times.

Council to waive fees to help businesses survive crisis

AN EMERGENCY coronavirus-driven moratorium on fees and charges for footpath dining and commercial permit fees from March 1 to June 30 is just part of a newly announced Noosa Council business support package.

As well, commercial use permit and lease fees will be waived for four months and fees for cancelled events fully refunded as part of a to help local businesses through the challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Council's environment and sustainable development director Kim Rawlings said: "We will do everything we can to provide support to the local business sector in an effort to get them through this challenging time," she said.

"Any businesses that have paid their fees for these from March 1 will have them refunded. We will also offer a full refund on wedding and event permit cancellations," Ms Rawlings said.

"Businesses and their staff are under enormous strain and with the likelihood of a prolonged impact from this virus, it's important that council offers support now."

"Every business relies on their local community for their support and, like we displayed in the bushfires, we must come together to support each other and do whatever is necessary to get through the uncertainty."

Ms Rawlings said now, more than ever, the community must buy local.

Council will also provide rent relief for tenants and co-workers at its commercial properties such as the Peregian Digital Hub and Sunrise Beach shops.

A weekly payment cycle has been implemented for local and regional suppliers to Council to assist cash flow.

Council brought together on Friday an urgent business round table with representatives from business associations, Tourism Noosa, Noosa Business Mentors Network and chambers of commerce to collectively provide leadership to our business community.

"We want to ensure we are getting the best information out to our business community to support the businesses and employees," Ms Rawlings said.

"Bringing our business leaders and associations together, along with a range of support initiatives, is the first step to support businesses to continue to operate.

"Our economic development team will continually reassess the initiatives and work with our associations and Tourism Noosa to ensure we are working together and providing the support we can."

A dedicated COVID-19 business page is available on the Noosa Council website. It is updated regularly and provides information relevant to business. Visit the website at