BIG DAY: Michael Gloster, David and Kristen Williamson celebrating victory outside the council chambers.
BIG DAY: Michael Gloster, David and Kristen Williamson celebrating victory outside the council chambers. Geoff Potter

Noosa Councillors excluded from a SSC council meeting

Noosa councillor Tony Wellington said the Friday exclusion of himself and Division 11 councillor Russell Green from councillor's meeting would never be allowed to happen under a new northern administration.'

Speaking outside the Tewantin council chambers on Saturday night after Noosa had delivered a landslide vote for de-amalgamation, Cr Wellington said: "As I understand it, it was a meeting to discuss the implications of de-amalgamation but they also went on to discuss other matters as well.

"We should have been there for all of us. Whether there was a de-amalgamation or not, we should have been there. It is bloody unbelievable."

Asked if that should ever be allowed to happen under a new Noosa Council, he said: "Certainly not."

Sunshine Coast Council Mayor Mark Jamieson confirmed they were excluded from the meeting as the topic was de-amalgamation.

It was likely similar confidential discussions would be held in coming months, but there could equally be a need for meetings involving only him and the current Noosa councillors.

"I don't regard the meetings as secret. I just think they're meetings that have a purpose and the attendees need to have a role in delivering that purpose and, if they don't, then they don't need to be there," Cr Jamieson said.

Meanwhile, after the weekend count, with 84.73% of the Noosa de-amalgamation vote counted, the "yes" vote stood at a heady 81.44% with the "no" vote at 18.56%. This was with 29,238 votes counted. The "yes" vote stood at 23,810 and "no" at 5428, with 263 informal.

At 6.13pm the Electoral Commission Queensland website posted the first tallies that would quickly signal the death knell of forced amalgamation on the Sunshine Coast, as far as Noosa was concerned.

It was from the polling booth of Federal - just 110 votes but the numbers were compelling. There 71 "yes" votes for de-amalgamation and 39 "no" - more than 64% of people wanted to split from the Sunshine Coast Council.

The Federal booth result was the worst for "yes" vote of all the areas on Saturday figures, while Noosaville delivered a thunderous 87.11% "yes" to de-amalgamation and Noosa Junction 85.87%. Cooroy was a solid 69.05% in favour of de-amalgamation. The people have spoken loudly.