Cops covered in spaghetti, milk trying to arrest drug user

TINNED spaghetti and milk bottles were used to fight off police when they tried arresting a man running amok in a service station.

Walking through the doors of the Annerley store in Brisbane, the police officers found Mauritius Faolua, 20, throwing items around.

He hurled two milk bottles at the police before picking up tinned spaghetti and flinging it their way.

The milk bottles and spaghetti tins hit the door, split open and the police officers were splattered with the milky, gooey mess.

Samoan-born Faolua pleaded guilty in Brisbane Magistrates Court on Thursday to a string of offences including obstructing police, common assault and wearing a face mask with intent to commit a crime.

The court heard Faolua was drunk and had ingested the drug ice when, wearing a balaclava, he entered the service station store in August.

He took items off shelves and ripped out the eftpos machine.

Faolua then took off his balaclava, poured the contents of a motor oil bottle around the store and threw other items at the pie warmer.

When police arrived, he threw the two bottles of milk and tinned spaghetti at them.

Taking into account time he had already served in jail, Faolua was released on parole on Thursday.