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Cop turned blind-eye to gym mates' steroid deals

A ROCKHAMPTON constable turned a blind eye to the drug culture at his gym because he didn't want to 'dob in his mates'.

Phone taps revealed Troy Richard Pryczek, 31, even told one of his gym buddies "don't talk about it on the phone" after they spoke about steroid deals during a call.

Those intercepted calls and text messages showed Pryczek was a drug user himself.

He had previously been fined $800 for possessing steroids but today he pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to hacking a Queensland Police Service computer and failing in his duty as an officer to report criminal offending.

Crime Corruption Commission prosecutor Paul Rutledge said Pryczek ignored drug offending by his girlfriend and gym workout buddies, failing to report the offending to his police colleagues.

He said telling his friends not to talk about drugs on the phone "spoke volumes".

"He knew his girlfriend was a user," Mr Rutledge said.

"He knew some of her friends were users.

"Not only does he know it's wrong, he's taken active steps to help the offender not be detected.

"It strikes at the administration of justice at its source."

Police union defence lawyer Troy Schmidt said his client was a junior police officer who was lazy and did not want to turn in his friends.

"He had a choice between reporting them and losing his support network or turning a blind-eye," he said.

Pryczek also used the police database to gain information about himself, his girlfriend and their friends 20 times in 16 days.

"He checked his driver's licence because he thought it was expired," Mr Schmidt said.

Mr Schmidt said Pryczek had since moved away from Rockhampton, broke up with his girlfriend and cut ties with his gym mates.

He has also tendered his resignation to QPS and now works in the mining industry.

Pryczek was sentenced to a nine-month prison term but it was wholly suspended for five years. He must also pay $2500 in fines.