Polling at the last election in Noosa.
Polling at the last election in Noosa.

Cooroy to ‘turn up heat’ on council candidates

CANDIDATES for the Noosa Council will come under the close scrutiny of a public forum in Cooroy just 11 days from election day.

The Cooroy Chamber of Commerce hosted meet the candidate night is scheduled for Cooroy Memorial Hall on March 11, 6pm-8pm.

The evening facilitator Richard Hansen said the large number of candidates running made this an important night to ensure locals are well informed before casting their vote

"We put it (the information night) at that time of the campaign just to give the candidates time to get around the community and establish their framework for their campaign and get everything locked down," Mr Hansen said.

"And of course by that time there will be plenty of questions (from the floor) to be asked.

"It's only 11 days out from the election, we did that on purpose. We think it's important for them (the candidates) to get together and do it at that time.

Mr Hansen said the night would be tightly run, giving each of the candidates a "very strict" three-and-a-half minutes to address the gathering.

"And then we will open it up to the floor," he said.

The speaking order will be drawn at 5.30pm inside the venue with the mayor and councillor candidates speaking separate.

Questions may also be provided to and asked by Mr Hansen while comments will not be allowed from the floor unless preceding and relevant to the question.

The chamber held a well-attended forum prior to the last election for the one position of mayor and six council spots up for grabs on March 28.

So this event may help crystallise any final directions for those struggling to make up their minds on who to choose.

The candidates currently confirmed to participate are:


Tony Wellington

Clare Stewart


Nathanael Ford

Amelia Lorentson

Andrew Squires

Karen Finzel

Alan Lander

David Fletcher

Julien Cahn

Janet Kake

Karen Cook-Langdon

Phillip Moran

Tom Wegener

Meghan Halverson