Construction boom on the horizon for region

IT'S not long now until the new Gibraltar View Estate at Junction Hill will celebrate its first sod turn according to Dougherty Property agent Derek Morgan.

"They're only at stage one of the process, but once the roadworks out the front have been completed and everything is registered we should start to see some construction going on," he said.

Gibraltar View Estate, Junction Hill.
Gibraltar View Estate, Junction Hill.

Since getting approved for subdivision in 2017 the once-empty paddock has slowly taken shape, with several blocks already being sold off the plan.

"It's a real mixture of buyers; they're predominantly owner-occupiers with a few investors as well and the age-range is a real mix, from young families to retirees," he said.

"Around two-thirds of the buyers so far are local while around a third are from out-of-area looking to move to the region."

As for the style of homes expected to pop up across the estate, Mr Morgan said developers are hoping to avoid the cookie-cutter look.

"They want to see a variety of different architectural styles rather than just the one type," he said.

"This means some houses could be one storey or two storeys depending on their preference, so long as everything meets Council standards."

Gibraltar View Estate, Junction Hill
Gibraltar View Estate, Junction Hill



The estate, divided into 56 individual, flood-free blocks, features footpath access all the way to Junction Hill store, two cul de sacs on the western side with views of the Clarence River, and a public reserve to the south.

In the meantime, roadworks connecting the estate to the Summerland Way is nearing final stages.

It is understood a turning lane will be installed to make entering and exiting the Summerland Way to and from the new estate much safer.

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