'Confusing' virus results in mystery case


An Ipswich woman who was confirmed as Queensland's latest COVID-19 case could be a false positive, as pathologists and scientists scramble to confirm her test results.

Speaking on ABC radio this morning, Health Minister Steven Miles said authorities were still investigating the case, as the 68-year-old woman had no 'obvious link' to existing cases.

"We are doing additional testing today," he said.

"She certainly tested positive on the first test, but additional testing since has come back with mixed results including negative results.

"We are working with serology and urgently awaiting those results."

“The effects of that (on the community) are high,” he said.

Mr Miles said his concern was if it was a true positive, there was no indication where the woman had contracted the virus.

It comes eight days after it was revealed two women, who were infectious with the potentially deadly virus, were confirmed COVID-19 cases after allegedly lying their way into Queensland and spending days in the community.

Mr Miles said he was still holding his breath, but hoped all linked cases had been caught.

"We are starting to have more confidence that we've found all cases, but we won't know for sure until we hit the 14 day mark," he said.

"The weekend was tense, we thought there would be multiple outbreaks and we were concerned by the aged care facility... it was a relief when those 105 residents all tested negative."