Lismore Square Shopping Centre is among major CBD businesses grappling with youth crime.
Lismore Square Shopping Centre is among major CBD businesses grappling with youth crime. Marc Stapelberg

Community action after manager was 'stomped on head'

SWIFT action has been taken by community leaders this week in response to a shocking letter from a business owner who said he was "stomped on the head" during an alleged attack by a gang of youths.

Lismore Central property manager, Rob Walker, penned a letter late last year to rally business owners, Lismore City Council and state and federal MPs and crackdown on 'little thugs' running amok around the city.

Acting crime manager, Acting Inspector Bernadette Ingram, was among business owners, Lismore Square and Central centre management as well as Lismore Chamber of Commerce and Industry heads at a meeting to discuss the issue on Wednesday.

Lismore mayor Isaac Smith and acting general manager, Gary John Murphy were also in attendance. 

Chamber vice president Andrew Gordon said the meeting was centred on scoping the extent of the problem.

He said he was "shocked" by the letter from Mr Walker, who also is a member of the chamber.

"We've come together as a united front to send the message this won't be tolerated," Mr Gordon said.

For Lismore MP Thomas George, the main message to come out of the meeting was to report crime to the police.

Acting Insp Bernadette Ingram and Superintendent Greg Martin encouraged businesses to report crime via the Police Assistance Line as well as with local police.

The line is available for victims of a crime to report crimes other than life threatening or time critical emergency situations as well as complaints.

Mr Gordon said PAL would allow businesses to "build a portfolio" of incidents to have a "history to use in our defence".

He said the meeting aimed change an underlying culture of reporting to police "only when (crime) gets to a boiling point".

Acting Insp Bernadette Ingram she said CBD crime has reduced in the past few weeks and cited police on the ground have made an impact.

In particular she said collaboration between police and security at Lismore Square and Central has been constructive.

"We are very happy with the way security is working with police to try and resolve the issue," Insp Ingram said.

The panel will meet again in earlier February.