Clubbers will face the brave new lockout world.
Clubbers will face the brave new lockout world. shironosov

Collaboration key to combat alcohol violence

THE INTRODUCTION of the new lockout laws may have caused concern throughout the likes of Brisbane and the Gold Coast, but the Sunshine Coast won't be experiencing massive change.

We're already well versed in lockout laws and curfews, but the introduction of the new legislation will see, from February next year, 1am lockouts within Safe Night Precincts in Mooloolaba, Maroochydore and Caloundra.

Venues outside the precincts will be forced to stop serving alcohol at 2am, while within the precincts, venues will stop serving alcohol at 3am.

Shots, unlisted cocktails and pre-mixed drinks stronger than 5% alcohol by volume will also be banned from being served after midnight.

Collaborative Approach to Liquor Management's Maroochydore chairman Dion Spadaro said it wasn't expected to affect a great deal of Coast operators, with many already implementing many of the laws as standard procedure.

Mr Spadaro said it would be interesting to see the effects of the legislation, but said anything that added to the safety of customers and venues was welcome.

"If it's a safe venue then people feel comfortable to come," he said.

Sunshine Coast Safe Night Precinct president Marcus Shimbel echoed Mr Spadaro's thoughts that overall it would be pretty much business as usual for the Coast, but operators outside the precincts would feel some effects.

He was of the opinion a collaborative approach was needed to address the issue of alcohol-related violence between the community and other stakeholders, it couldn't just be on the venues.

"There is no magic bullet, you can't hang your hat on lockout laws going to solve the problems," Mr Shimbel said.

"It needs to be a community as well as stakeholder effort (to combat the violence)."