PLENTY OF POTENTIAL: For all of his talent, Mitch Coleborn is yet to get a full-time berth on the World Championship Tour.
PLENTY OF POTENTIAL: For all of his talent, Mitch Coleborn is yet to get a full-time berth on the World Championship Tour. Smith

Coleborn’s up for the fight

SURFING: He’s beaten 11-time world champion Kelly Slater on the sport’s biggest stage and has been described by Joel Parkinson as one the globe’s best board riders.

But for all of his talents, Mitch Coleborn is yet to earn a place on the Championship Tour.

However, it’s hoped a new-look approach this season will finally catapult him to the top tier.

The 29-year-old has linked with Noosa surfing identity Dean Brady, who has been recognised as one of the country’s best coaches.

He’s also getting assistance from fitness guru Jarryd Bates, who helps Coolum Beach’s established world title contender Julian Wilson.

“Mitch is in a good head space,” Brady said.

“He’s training hard, is eating well and is focused. If we could get him on the tour next year that’d be fantastic.”

They have adopted a new level of professionalism.

“We are trying to do all the little things right,” Brady said.

“(Three-time world champ) Mick Fanning is a perfect example. He trains and eats well. It’s not rocket science. It’s starts with little things for big things to happen and that’s what we’re working on with Mitch.”

They are also working on his skills and strategy.

“He’s got to get through bad waves on the Qualifying Series,” Brady said.

“He’s a strong guy who weighs a bit. Going against lighter people in fluffy waves on the QS is challenging so he’s been training a lot in those sorts of conditions.”

“He’s already proved himself by beating Kelly Slater in perfect waves so he’s definitely one of those surfers who belongs on tour, we’ve just got to work harder (in smaller surf).

Coleborn forged a reputation as one of the globe’s best free surfers, regularly appearing in videos and magazines. But in recent years he’s tried to make it as an international competitor.

He’s had some great results on the QS but not quite enough to earn a spot on the CT, most notably in 2013.

“He did get so close and that’s a bitter pill to swallow,” Brady said.

“But it shows that if we can improve in all areas by one or two percent then that can be the difference.”

Coleborn has competed in some CT events, as a wild card and as an injury replacement, with a stunning defeat of Slater at Cloudbreak a highlight.

He’s also beaten the likes of last year’s world champion Adriano De Souza.

The 2012 world title holder, former Caloundra grommet Joel Parkinson has previously labelled Coleborn a likely prospect.

“There are guys on the tour that I don’t think are nearly as talented as Mitch Coleborn,” he said.

“He is one of my favourite surfers.”

Brady, who has surfed on the world tour as a wildcard, was recently selected by Surfing Australia to take part in a new Elite Coach Development Program held at the Hurley Surfing Australia High Performance Centre.

He started training Coleborn in earnest 10 weeks ago. Coleborn exited a QS event in Japan in round three