Cold burst signals start of winter for southeast



QUEENSLANDERS are being warned to brace for another cold burst set to hit the state this week, as winter sends the mercury plummeting.

"From Tuesday on we'll be seeing a dry southerly burst make its way up the state, starting in the south west and hitting the southeast, central areas and tropics over the coming days." Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Peter Markworth said.

"Places from the Gold Coast up to Townsville will feel that drop of around five degrees from Tuesday or Wednesday, with it then set to hit the tropics on Thursday," he said.



While the conditions are expected to be similar Queensland's record cold weekend in May forecasters say the chill won't be lingering with more moderate temperatures to return around the end of the week.

"While the dry burst was one of three conditions that led to that perfect cold blast from last week, this is definitely something that is acting on its own and is well predicted for this time of year," Mr Markworth said.

These conditions will see Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast all hit their weekly maximums today with 26C, 25C and 24C respectively, while all hitting the minimum once the burst takes effect on Wednesday. This will see Brisbane hitting 9C, the Gold Coast 6C and the Sunshine Coast with 8C.

The worst of the chill will be felt in the Central and Isaac Regions, with townships like Clermont and Barcaldine hitting their weekly maximums of 27C today while sinking down to chilly 6C and 7C respectively on both Wednesday and Thursday before slight improvements heading into the weekend.


Originally published as Cold burst signals start of winter for southeast