Janette Medina.
Janette Medina. Sarah Barnham

Woman to pay compo for kicking cop's groin

A SUNSHINE Coast woman who kicked one officer in the groin and punched another in the face will have to pay out $2000 compensation.

Former fitness trainer turned hairdresser Janette Medina yesterday pleaded guilty in the Maroochydore Magistrates Court to three counts of assault or obstruct a police officer.

The court heard on March 22 Medina was approached near her Coolum home by two police officers.

Medina was parked illegally on the street and she began to yell and swear at the officers during the confrontation.

The officers tried to take Medina in to the watchhouse but she became aggressive and a struggle ensued.

The court heard the officer kicked in the groin felt immediate pain, while the second officer was punched in the head.

Officers had to use force to keep Medina on the ground.

She was taken into custody and spent one night behind bars.

Defence lawyer Lachlan Ygoa-Mckeown asked Magistrate Maxine Baldwin to place his client on a good behaviour bond, given she had no criminal history.

But Magistrate Baldwin said the woman deserved to go to jail.

She said Medina's behaviour was "embarrassingly bad" and told the woman to keep her hands off the police.

She asked Medina whether she would have acted the same if she was sober. Medina shook her head.

Magistrate Baldwin said alcoholism was a "disease" and told Medina to learn how to control it.

She ordered Medina to pay $1000 compensation each to the officers involved, and placed her on a good behaviour bond for one year.

If Medina breaks the bond she will be fined $3000.

"Good luck," Magistrate Baldwin said as Medina left the courtroom.