FAST: High-speed rail in China.
FAST: High-speed rail in China. WU HONG

Coast unlikely to get high-speed fix

AS SYDNEY and Melbourne populations start to entertain the possibility of high-speed rail one day becoming a reality, the same can't be said for the Coast.

Land deals have been secured for the $200 billion private sector project to deliver high-speed rail spanning Sydney to Melbourne.

While there is encouragement for similar possibilities to be explored on the Sunshine Coast, it's unlikely there would be any real push until population levels increased significantly.

That's the view of Sunshine Coast RAIL Back on Track spokesman Jeff Addison.

"It's probably a long way from being economically viable," he said.

"It's probably not going to happen until we have the population centres to justify that."

He encouraged any exploration of the possibilities for anything to improve rail services to the region.

Newly elected Fairfax MP Ted O'Brien said he would love to see high-speed rail servicing the region, but added an integrated transport service was vital.

He said he hadn't looked closely at whether it would be possible to link the Coast into a broader east-coast high-speed rail network, but supported the idea and said private sector funding was an avenue that should be explored.