TRAFFIC QUEUES: Southbound traffic on the Bruce Hwy.
TRAFFIC QUEUES: Southbound traffic on the Bruce Hwy. John McCutcheon

Coast roads could be set for speed limit changes

THE STATE's peak motoring body is calling for community input if a push from the Queensland LNP to change speed limits on our roads bears fruit.

The State Opposition has promised to lead a review of speed limits on 100 Queensland roads if elected, with a shortlist of roads compiled with community help to be assessed by police and road safety engineers.

The former Newman Government led a similar review as part of its $350 million Road Safety Action Plan, which led to a number of increases and reductions in speed limits across the state, as well as removal of several speed changes in single stretches.

Three thousand roads were nominated by Queenslanders for that review, with the list whittled down to 100.

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Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls and Shadow Transport and Main Roads Minister, Glass House MP Andrew Powell pledged to run the review in a bid to bust congestion on major roads.

"Congestion costs motorists time and our economy money. Having 'fit-for-purpose' speed limits will help alleviate congestion and get Queenslanders home sooner," Mr Nicholls said.

"Depending on the outcome of the review, a road's speed limit can either increase, decrease or stay the same. In a number of cases speed limits along a stretch of road may increase and decrease to create a standard limit," Mr Powell added.

RACQ Spokeswoman Renee Smith said the organisation was supportive of the review, provided it was all about "safety and not convenience".

"Roads must be incredibly safe to increase speed limits," she said.

She said creating uniformed limits in stretches of inconsistency could be very helpful for drivers.

"If it isn't necessary, we want that consistency," Ms Smith said.


UBER has launched a new service on the Coast, Uber Assist, to help visually impaired people with driver Heather Marc.
Photo Patrick Woods / Sunshine Coast Daily
UBER driver Heather Marc. Photo Patrick Woods / Sunshine Coast Daily Patrick Woods

Coast Uber driver Heather Marc (pictured) said the Bruce Hwy moving to 110km/h southbound had been great, as was the Sunshine Mwy becoming 100km/h.

She thought uniformed limits on the Sunshine Mwy near the Mountain Creek exits would be helpful in boosting safety.

"That is really crazy there," Ms Marc said.

"Absolutely, I think so (uniformed speed limits could be introduced)."

She said it was hard to comment on other roads with so many roadworks on at the moment around the Coast.