HERITAGE SHOCK: A wildlife corridor has been bulldozed.
HERITAGE SHOCK: A wildlife corridor has been bulldozed. Contributed

OUR SAY: Coast may lose its green edge

THE loss immediately before Christmas of a forest of Grand Scribbly Gum at Peregian Springs to clear-felling for more housing lots is being keenly felt by those who fought the original development application and then sought to condition it to protect critical habitat.

There are those who foolishly accuse others of NIMBYism as if a desire to protect the environment around them is somehow hypocritical and worthy only of ridicule.

Then there are the vast majority of residents who respect the inherent conservation values of the region and see them as critical to attracting the type of businesses cap

able of lifting household incomes to at least the equal of state averages.

The Labor Government is in the process of further tinkering with the state's planning legislation.

There is little confidence that what is produced will correct an historical power imbalance that gives developers the whip hand over those whose interests lie not in profit but in retaining environmental values for the future to share.

And that is a shame our children will be left to regret.