Thieves strike at two city stores

THE SUSPECT: Stills from a robbery of a convenience store on Mary St, Blackstone yesterday.
THE SUSPECT: Stills from a robbery of a convenience store on Mary St, Blackstone yesterday. Contributed

A WOMAN who once saw off a would-be robber by hitting him in the head with a loaf of stale bread has again been targeted by a thief.

Ipswich police are investigating whether the robbery and another 12 hours earlier in the city are linked.

In the first incident, a man tried to rob the 727 store on Holmes St in North Ipswich but left with nothing but wounded pride.

Ipswich CIB Detective Senior Sergeant Gary Dixon said the attempted robbery happened about 6.30pm Tuesday.

"A male offender ran into the store and grabbed the cash register and reefed at it until the cord snapped," Snr Sgt Dixon said.

"He ran outside and tripped over and dropped the cash register on the footpath.

The store attendant chased after him and the offender took a swing at him but missed."

The man ran to a waiting white and silver Mitsubishi Pajero and it drove away.

The man is described as Caucasian, about 185cm tall with a slim build and wearing a black hoodie, balaclava and shorts.

Just after 6am yesterday, the convenience store on Mary St at Blackstone was targeted.

In April, the store's feisty 78-year-old owner threw a loaf of bread at a man to scare him away when he tried to rob her

Yesterday, Snr Sgt Dixon said, a man walked into the store and casually picked up a loaf of bread and newspaper.

CCTV footage showed him walk to the back of the store where he picked up a newspaper from in front of the counter then walked back to the front of the store where he collected a loaf of bread.

He went back and put the bread on top of the paper on the counter then went outside while the owner waited with the till open.

A white Mitsubishi Pajero pulled up as the man walked out of the shop.

He was handed a $10 note through the open passenger side window.

The man walked back inside the store and gave the owner the money then jumped the counter, pushed the woman aside and took cash out of the till.

He ran outside and got into a white and silver Mitsubishi Pajero.

CCTV footage showed a spare tyre on the back of the Pajero.

The store owner said the man had a dark complexion, solid build and was wearing a dark, hooded jumper with insignia on the clothes West Coast Choppers, shorts with a grey check or camouflage pattern and white slip on shoes.

"We are making investigations looking at both robberies with a view to seeing if they are linked," Snr Sgt Dixon said.