Josh Schache of the Lions has been linked with a move back to Victoria
Josh Schache of the Lions has been linked with a move back to Victoria Matt Roberts/AFL Media

Clubs 'out of minds' to pay big money for Schache: Carey

AFL legend Wayne Carey says the likes of Josh Schache and Paddy McCartin shouldn't be in the position to hold their clubs to ransom.

Both the Lion and Saint are out of contract at the end of the season, with Schache linked to a move home to Victoria.

Carey said clubs would be "out of their minds" to pay Schache a large wage given both his lack of exposed form and his style of play as a leading, marking forward.

"If you're a mark, kick-type footballer - and right now, that's what Schache and McCartin are, they're mark-kick, they don't get a lot of the ball unless they take marks - but if that young fellow Schache leaves Brisbane for $700 (thousand), whoever pays that is out of their minds," Carey said on 7mate's Talking Footy.

"Clearly he's not (worth it) - he went back to the reserves on the weekend and had four disposals.

"And young McCartin to me - clearly he's got some problems, he's been back in the VFL - he doesn't look to me to be AFL fit at this point in time.

"Now, he's a young kid - that's going to improve. He needs to lose a couple of kilos, just by looking at him. If I was looking at him in the mounting yards, I'd say 'needs a couple of runs.'

"But clearly, these two kids could end up really, really good footballers, but to hold their clubs to ransom right now - and that's why I actually agree with (Brisbane coach Chris) Fagan when he said that age ... it has to be a four-year contract."